Product Features

petiteC allows security equipment owners to automate manual processes, better govern quality assurance practices, and enhance fleet renewal decision-making.

Automate manual processes & enhance operational efficiency

Provides a mechanism to standardize asset data across vendors and eliminates the need for constant manual data reconciliation.
petiteC reduces outage periods and provides analytics and historical data to drive continuous improvement.

Mitigate compliance risk

Continuously matches equipment inventory against certified equipment lists to tell you at the individual equipment level what is certified for which use, where, and by whom. It provides a global view into potential non-compliance issues and notifications to help you stay on top of required activities.

Compare equipment across locations

Standardizes data and creates a common reference for use across stakeholder groups.

All-in-one management platform for your security equipment

Asset Onboarding

Tag equipment individually with a petiteC tag, link each tag to pre-loaded inventory & enter missing data.

Asset Management

Make decisions based on robust and current information at the individual asset level

Asset Monitoring

Stay on top of system status and track quality assurance activities with timely automated notifications across relevant stakeholders. 

Test & Calibration Record

Upload test and calibration records, product manuals, certification letters, and much more.

Service & Maintenance

Link relevant stakeholders in your service & maintenance ecosystem to aggregate and analyze data to drive continuous improvement.

Compliance Management

Get a global view into potential non-compliance issues and standardized data in line with global government certification programs.

User Management

Manage and give permissions to users depending on their roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Global petiteC-ID

Create a common reference across stakeholders and enable information exchange.

Location Management

Manage assets at the global level from different locations. Identify and address anomalies or trends where relevant.

Where we’re going – the feature roadmap

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