The smart way to manage your security equipment 

petiteC is an asset monitoring and quality assurance platform for security screening tech that helps owners keep pace with evolving requirements across vendors.

All your security screening assets –
on a single platform.

Asset Information

Keep robust information on your security equipment – both networked and non-networked – in a harmonized data format that you and your vendors can easily update.

Asset Monitoring

Help your team stay on top of equipment status and track quality assurance activities with timely automated alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders.

Asset Health & Lifecycle

Link relevant data in your ecosystem to create comprehensive audit logs at the individual equipment level and drive continuous improvement through robust data and analytics.

The challenges of managing security equipment

    • Complex equipment requires robust testing, calibration, and maintenance over time – ensuring it’s happening is time intensive.
    • Multiple stakeholders using different makes and models in many locations is hard to manage
    • Constantly evolving threat landscape and related upgrades are difficult to track
    • Challenging to translate multitude of vendor recommended QA practices into single QA program
    • Manual tracking of sensitive systems is time-intensive

    The solution: petiteC

    petiteC is a platform that helps security equipment owners monitor and manage their equipment fleets in a multi-vendor, multi-locational, and multi-stakeholder operating environment. 

    With its universal tag, petiteC creates a vendor-agnostic reference and a common platform for data exchange among those building, using, and maintaining security detection assets.

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